Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Underway

Plan will improve walking, biking routes; connections within city

transportation_lgInvestigation, analysis and planning for the DDA Non-motorized and Transit Sub-Area Plan is currently underway. The team of Giffels-Webster and LSL Planning are fronting the project. Earlier in 2012, the city of Southfield constructed a transit master plan for the entire city. Now the Southfield DDA and Southfield City Centre districts are working on plans to propel ahead on the non-motor aspects.

Giffels-Webster Senior Project Manager Mike Darga is heading the DDA area, determining existing deficiencies in pedestrian, bicycle and transit options. Darga will recommend and prioritize staged improvements. “It could be completing sidewalk gaps, providing bike lanes in areas, making bus stops more accessible, moving a transit center – anything to help make the area more efficient,” he said.

With field inventory on the existing conditions of sidewalks, roadways and transit completed, efforts are focused on involving the public through a web-based survey and presentation to the DDA board. Improvements for walking and biking are being developed, along with connections between the DDA and City Centre. “It’s great on the city’s and DDA’s part to be proactive in coming up with a prioritized plan that they can raise money for, get grant funding for, and go for the complete streets aspect for the districts,” said Darga. “They are trying to address transportation and movement mobility for someone on foot, on bike, or bus. They are trying to move ahead and clean up the entire district for all people.”