Details announced on Southfield’s Northbound Northwestern Service Drive Improvement Project

The City of Southfield will be rehabilitating the NB Northwestern Highway Service Drive between 8 Mile and Southfield Road. This means the existing roadway’s surface will be removed and repaved with portions of the road to be entirely removed and replaced. The Service Drive will be closed from early May through much of July 2015.

This project may have an impact on access to your property. If your property is adjacent to the Service Drive, work will likely be required to alter your driveway to match the new road edge and provide a new driveway.

With the Service Drive closed during construction, you may have concerns with access to your business or nearby residence. A detour plan has been developed that ensures access for your employees and your guests. You may want to reach out to your guests and provide them detour information if they are unfamiliar with the area. The intersections at Northland Drive, J.L. Hudson Drive, and North Park Drive will be open to cross traffic (crossing M-10) for much of the construction period and the intersections with 8 Mile and 9 Mile will be open to east-west traffic for the entirety of construction. Ramp access from 9 Mile to northbound Southfield Road will also be maintained.

Please contact Mark Loch from OHM Advisors, our engineering consulting firm, at 734-466-4441 for any questions.

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