Healthcare investments total more than $90 million over three years as part of the Southfield Medical Technology Center

Much of our growth at the Southfield DDA, and within the Southfield Medical Technology Center, has been tied to our healthcare focus. Since 2011, the Southfield DDA has seen more than $106 million in new investments, with nearly 90 percent of these new investments coming in the field of healthcare.


We’re also proud to have numerous physician practice groups with offices in the Southfield Medical Technology Center. This includes everything from family practice and specialty healthcare offices to dental offices, all conveniently located near residential and commercial entities. That’s the “meds.”


Consider just some of the activities by employers in the Southfield DDA:


  • Providence Hospital’s Expansion of its Cancer Center and emergency rooms
  • The move of The Phoenix Group, a large private physician practice, into the Southfield DDA
  • Retention of Health Alliance Plan SDDA office with close to 700 employees


More than 800 new jobs in healthcare have been created, and more than 1,400 retained in the healthcare sector since 2011.


There is also a strong educational component to our healthcare emphasis. Oakland Community College (OCC) is continuing to expand its presence in the DDA. Much of this presence is tied to a very strong healthcare curriculum that OCC has at its Southfield campus just off Nine Mile Road. With Lawrence Technological University right down the street, and Wayne State University just a few miles down the Lodge Freeway, the DDA is centrally located to some of the top institutions of higher learning in the Midwest, all of which have a strong presence in healthcare technology.


We’re proud that the Southfield Medical Technology Center continues to grow, and that it is becoming one of the foremost clusters of healthcare activity in the Midwest.