City of Southfield Healthcare Technology Center Expands the Impact of Southfield’s Downtown Development Authority

August 15, 2011

SOUTHFIELD – The City of Southfield is well-positioned to attract new healthcare businesses, as well as retain and upgrade existing healthcare investments, according to a recent study by Anderson Consulting Group.

The report analyzed the healthcare economy in Southfield and its primary and secondary market areas, defined as regions within a 30- and 60-minute drive from the Southfield Downtown Development Authority (SDDA) district. The SDDA comprises a one square mile area bounded by Eight Mile Road (south), Southfield Road (west), Mount Vernon (north) and Greenfield Road (east).

The Anderson Consulting Group report states that Southfield has a strong, growing healthcare demand base in close proximity to the SDDA; is central to a large and diverse healthcare constituent base; and has a highly skilled workforce. Among the findings:

  • About 3.2 million people live within a 30-minute drive from Southfield and an additional 1.7 million residents live within 60 minutes.
  • Southfield has a high concentration of residents ages 65 years or older (16.5 percent).
  • Shifts in the population age through 2015 are projected at up to 33 percent in the 65-69 and 70-74 age brackets.
  • The SDDA is located on the cusp of disparate population income groups, accommodating ease of access to healthcare services for a wide demographic.
  • Southfield is within a short driving distance from some of the state’s leading medical schools and research centers, including the Henry Ford Health System, Detroit Medical Center, St. John Providence Health System, Beaumont Health System, Wayne State University Medical School, and University of Michigan Health System and Medical School.
  • Southfield’s healthcare and social assistance employment base exceeded 5,000 as of 2010 and experienced a 7.2 percent gain from 2000. Employment in the healthcare sector comprises 15.6 percent of the city’s total employment.
  • Education levels in the city are comparatively high, with nearly 42 percent of the adult population having attained a bachelor’s degree or higher as of 2010, compared to 27 percent in the primary market area and 29 percent in the secondary market area.

The Southfield Downtown Development District currently houses many healthcare-related businesses and entities, including such large employers as St. John Providence Health System, Oakland Regional Hospital, Health Alliance Plan (HAP), CSL Plasma, Northland Park Dialysis Center, numerous point-of-service doctor and physician practices, and the healthcare-related curriculum programs at Oakland Community College. The SDDA is also partnering with Lawrence Technological University on the Southfield Healthcare Technology Center.

More than 5,500 healthcare professionals are employed within the SDDA in nearly 315,000 square-feet of space — about one-quarter of the occupied space in the district, according to the report. This month, Oakland Regional Hospital expanded its services with the opening of a new Foot   Ankle Center.

“We’re gaining momentum with not only existing healthcare businesses expanding within the district and the City of Southfield, but there is also growing interest from businesses, clinical entities and researchers from outside of our immediate area,” said SDDA Executive Director Al Aceves.

New healthcare business investments are continuing to be added to the SDDA. Contact Executive Director Al Aceves at 248-796-5192, or visit for more information. Further statistics are available from the Anderson Group report upon request.