Detroit Bankruptcy Process Impacts all of us

In my previous role as a site location economic developer, I experienced the perception that outsiders had of Detroit and the impact of that on cities like Southfield.

There is little doubt that Detroit and neighboring cities are viewed as one – particularly when it concerns economic development. This is why Detroit bankruptcy needs to be resolved as quick as possible.

Here at the Southfield DDA we are in contact regularly with developers and investors, often individuals located from outside of Michigan, and questions about Detroit’s role and indirect impact on the DDA are common.

Even beyond the development end, we have residents who live in the DDA that work in the city of Detroit, and Detroit residents that work in the DDA. Tens of thousands of vehicles travel on the Lodge Freeway from Southfield to Detroit, or vice-versa, each weekday. Our communities will be forever linked.

A healthy Detroit helps attract new talent, employers, retailers and developers to the Southfield DDA. Our hope is that the bankruptcy process gets resolved quickly so we can add to the more than $100 million in investments that have been poured into the Southfield DDA in the last three years. The potential is even greater with a healthier Detroit. Let’s ban together so Detroit’s solutions have positive impacts on the SDDA.


Al Aceves
Executive Director
Southfield DDA