Road Improvements are Critical to DDA’s Growth

Road construction may bring some short-term pain. But the reality is that such projects bring important long-term benefit, especially for local municipalities.
This is particularly true for the $3.5 million project that has been overseen by the Oakland County Road Commission, the City of Southfield and the Southfield Downtown Development Authority (DDA) this summer. The project included major roadwork along Greenfield Road. Future construction projects slated for Northwestern Highway in 2015 and Providence Road from JL Hudson to 9 Mile will begin in the coming months. The road construction project along 9 Mile Road was finished earlier this year.
Infrastructure is a critical component for the Southfield DDA because businesses and developers will be much more interested in investing in our region if the roads are in good condition and easily accessible. It is well known that Nine Mile Road in particular has been in need of major upgrades the past few years. So as these projects are completed, the Southfield DDA’s road infrastructure will match the world-class opportunities we are offering healthcare, educational, retail and other commercial developers and business owners.
These projects would not be possible without cooperation among various groups, and the ability to complete these road construction projects and planning quickly with the Oakland County Road Commission and the City of Southfield has gone a long way to ensuring these projects are done on time and on budget.