Building A Vision For Tomorrow

The boundaries of the Southfield Downtown Development Authority were designated in 1988. Since its establishment, this area has seen tremendous economic growth. In an effort to further increase and promote economic development, our Board of Directors developed a strategic plan to guide the future growth of the Southfield DDA. Community leaders, business owners and residents also participated in creation of the plan, titled “Building a Vision for Tomorrow.”

The updated strategic plan (2013-2015) was adopted by the Southfield DDA board on May 17, 2013 and outlines these five key strategic recommendations for improving the Southfield DDA:

Connections Creating clear, attractive and well-functioning multi-modal connections throughout the district (accommodating vehicles, pedestrians and non-motorized travel)
District Character Enhancing the overall character of the district as a vibrant, mixed-use area with entertainment, office space, support services and destination retail locations
Infrastructure & Aesthetics Supporting and implementing streetscape, landscaping, lighting, parking, infrastructure and aesthetic improvements to ensure the district is attractive, welcoming and comfortable.
Development & Redevelopment Facilitating development, redevelopment and reinvestment in the district’s properties.
Economic Health & Vitality Supporting and enhancing the district through a targeted strategy of business and economic development programs and incentives focusing on recruitment, retention, development and redevelopment.

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